Greece chapter: The olympic stadium


Enjoying a quiet evening at the olympic stadium at Athens.

It was our first day at Athens and we had planned to see the historical sites and museums. Unfortunately for us, owing to an election the next day, the museums got closed early that day and we were left twiddling thumbs wondering what to do next. Then I remembered the olympic stadium. We googled it and Google faithfully gave us the metro stop to get to and the directions to the stadium thereafter. We went to the ticket counter and asked the guy at the counter for tickets to the metro stop. To our surprise, the guy looks at us and asks us why we want to get there. We mention the stadium.He doesnt understand the word stadium. Another lady in the ticket queue line intervenes. They discuss in Greek and finally they tell us to get to a different stop instead to get there. Thats Greek hospitality for you.  Inspite of long queus at the ticket counter, they will still take time out to help you (unasked for, mind you! ) to have a wonderful vacation in their country.