The most adorable young man who doesn’t do cute. Yet, when you look at him can you say anything but awwww? Happy birthday sweetheart ! Advertisements

Turning 30

  There are good people and then there are people like him – who hold the door open for you and for strangers, who makes sure to leave his shopping trolley at the… Continue reading

Some people just photograph well

When you want your picture taken, get it taken by someone who loves you.. They are the ones who can see you for all that you are, for the potential that you have. … Continue reading

Santorini’s iconic blue dome

As a love story grows older

Some people claim the best part of a love story is the initial excitement of the first year.  For me, though,  its the comfort that comes as the years go by.  

Santorini : the blue and white island

A little bit of bollywood

There is a little bit of bollywood in everyone one of us :).

Graffiti at Athens

Graffiti at Athens

Graffiti at Athens

Greece chapter: Art

arts and paint_small

There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with Greece. Art is just one of them.

Greece chapter: The olympic stadium

  Enjoying a quiet evening at the olympic stadium at Athens. It was our first day at Athens and we had planned to see the historical sites and museums. Unfortunately for us, owing… Continue reading